Boeing 737 simulator

Here are the specifications of the Aerosim Solutions Boeing 737-800NG Cockpit Simulator. I have had a great deal of help from members of the Perth Worldflight team over the last couple of years. They helped me get the sim ‘flying’ in time for the 2014 Worldflight event. Our team raised exactly $5,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service here in Australia, in 2015 with the addition of a second Perth team, the amount raised was $8,952. The 737 team meet to fly the sim every Monday night and our flight sim gurus regularly perform their tweaks and upgrades to keep “Velocity738” in the great shape that she is!
The simulator is built on a framework made from welded square RHS tubing, the entire simulator sits on four 250kg capacity locking castors. The main floor is 16mm thick MDF board. The shell structure is also made from welded square RHS tube and it is skinned with 3mm PVC sheeting. All flight controls and the steering tillers are linked mechanically for two pilot operation. The main components are listed below.
Additional softwares
Master Computer specifications
  • Mother board – Asus Z87-PLUS
  • CPU – Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell overclocked to 4.4Ghz
  • Corsair H105 Liquid CPU Cooler
  • Video Card – GEForce GTX1080 Extreme
  • Ram – Kingston 16 Gigabyte DDR3
  • Main hard drive – Samsung 840 256Gb SSD
  • Storage hard drive – Western Digital Black (2 Terrabyte)
  • Power supply – 700watt Cooler master G series
  • Cooler Master N300 Black mesh ATX tower case
  • Windows 7 Professional
Slave Computers x 2, (identical)
  • Mother boards – Asus Z87-PLUS
  • CPUs – Intel Core i5-4670K Haswell 3.4Ghz
  • Video Card 1- Asus GeForce GTX650-E-1GD5
  • Video Card 2- Asus GeForce GTX650-E-1GD5
  • Ram – Kingston 8 Gigabyte DDR3
  • Main hard drives – Samsung 840 128Gb SSD
  • Power supplies – 700watt Cooler master G series
  • Cooler Master N300 Black mesh ATX tower cases
  • Windows 7 Professional
The 4th Computer is an Asus laptop which only runs the wet compass which works using a 3′ LCD car reverse camera monitor. The VGA output on the laptop goes to a VGA/Composite converter which feeds the composite input of the LCD monitor. The display is Prosim Wet Compass.
The 5th Computer is an ACER laptop running the Instructor Station and ancilliary programs with a Hewlett Packard 24″ touchscreen monitor.
Sim 15 Sim 14 Printer installedSim 10

Gwyn's simulator runningSim 16Sim 05

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