Cessna 172 simulator

My Worldflight Team mate and good friend Jason and I have been building “Chucky”, formally Cessna 172 VH-CUK. Jason has engaged my services to make many components of his simulator. Using a real retired Cessna 172 fuselage presented a number of challenges but together we have managed to create a fantastic working Cessna 172 cockpit simulator.
Jason also owns a full scale B737 simulator so he will have his hands full too, good luck with the build Jason!
In April 2015 I purchased the seats and interior trim from a well known Perth Cessna VH-CUK. Charlie, Uniform, Kilo or “Chucky” as it was affectionately known, used to be owned by local radio identity Paul Shepherd. “Captain Paul” used to fly over Perth in the mornings giving traffic reports and telling the crappiest jokes he could come up with! He used to take some celebrities up with him and one of these was the late actor James Doohan who played “Scotty” in Star Trek,  so Scotty himself has sat in my co-pilot seat! VH-CUK ended her flying days after a student pilot struck a tree whilst taxiing at a country airport, the aircraft was subsequently written off.

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Chucky is now a G1000 equipped C172
Not quite finished but Chucky flys superbly!