ACARS printers


Unfortunately my supplier no longer stocks the Brightek WH-E19 printer unit and I am unable to find an alternative supplier that can keep the price of ACARS printer viable. Hopefully I can find an alternate supplier soon or the product will have to be de-listed!

The ideal solution for the fantastic Prosim Utils program created by Humberto Miguel!!
Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
We can supply a painted WH-E19 80mm thermal printer with a custom mounting plate to suit your grey or brown Boeing aircraft pedestal. Printers for Airbus and other types may be considered, send me your panel dimensions and RAL colour if you need a custom solution quotation!

ACARS printerPrinter installed


Painted printer with custom mounting panel – AUD$270.00


ACARS mounting panel

Custom mounting panel only – AUD$45.00 Save the image below, add your accurate measurements and return it to us for the manufacture of your panel. Inquiries via the contact page will be followed up with direct email contact and PayPal details etc.

ACARS printer panel measurements

Boeing grey – RAL7011, New Airbus – RAL7043, Old Airbus RAL5014
Customer comments!
“I would like to sincerely thank you for your job ! I’m very very happy by the result. The plate comes at the right place, the painting is very well done and the color is exactly the same as my CPFlight modules”. – Thierry G. (France)