B737 Steering Tiller

The Aerosim Solutions Steering Tiller is the best unit on the market and we say that without hesitation! This solid machine is built to suit high repetition in the commercial arena. The resin handle has been cast from the real part so it is full scale with a High gloss black finish. The unit is fitted with a stainless steel axle and a roller bearing centering cam arrangement to provide a heavy feel with positive centering.
One of the best features of the steering tiller unit is that it can be mechanically linked to a second identical unit with a simple wire rope and pulley system. This is how Boeing links there steering tillers!
The compact tiller mechanism can be fitted to a sidewall up to 10mm thick and a drilling template is provided. The drum diameter is 110mm. The unit is fitted with a quality 10kohm carbon track linear potentiometer with 2 metres of wire ready to interface with any analogue input card (plug-n-play).
We highly recommend using the Leo Bodnar BU0836X input card!


Polyurethane replicas with an aluminium mounting boss
Complete unit (including a 10kohm potentiometer) – AUD$425.00
Boeing 737 type polyurethane resin tiller handle – AUD$175.00
Mechanism without the handle – AUD$250.00