Cockpit Seat J-Rails

Real airliner seat J-Rails are hard to find so we designed our own version! The J-Rails are made of laser cut 3mm aluminium with PVC spacers and are easily fixed to a flat surface. The four ball transfer units are rated to 250kg each so they can easily carry a seat and pilot around the corner and up to the control yokes. As each seat that maybe attached by the user may be different, the position locks are not installed. However, there are a row of holes on the base with a pin guide so the user can make their own lock after a seat has been attached to the 6mm thick aluminium sliding base plate. Some IPECO seat owners have adapted the proper seat lock to work with our J-Rail system! We can assist the purchaser with the design of a custom pin lock.

Sim 26 Sim 27 Sim 28 Sim 29\

Price – AUD$2,400.00 per pair