Generic Throttle Base

If you are building an Airbus, Boeing, Learjet or any other twin engine simulator, your home built throttle unit will need a pair of solid levers that rotate potentiometers and have a means of adjusting the friction on the levers. The generic throttle body is a very solidly constructed unit that will make your task so much easier. Weighing in at 800grams the device is certainly a solid piece of equipment. It can be utilized to save a lot of time and headaches for the amateur throttle builder. Home made levers for the relevant aircraft can be attached to the mechanism and the 10kohm potentiometers can be wired to any interface card. These throttle base units can be fitted with additional gear drives for builders wanting functioning auto-throttles. A very popular product Рthe lead time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.


2 Engine = AUD$350.00 AUD