Boeing Landing light switches

After trying out a few different manufacturer’s landing light switch caps, I was quite disappointed with the quality being offered and I was not happy with the switches in my 737 simulator. Many builders would have found out that it is quite difficult to source a decent toggle switch that has a non rotating toggle suitable for attaching the Boeing shaped cap. I tried to find some real Boeing switches and caps from the United States but US$125.00 each was simply too much. I decided it was about time the market had some decent landing light switches at an affordable price so I have developed my own.
The switches I have chosen are the same units I used to use when I made 747 & 777 fuel valve switches. The Nikkai S1-AL toggle switch is a heavy duty latching toggle switch. It comes with a decent screw on cap for the toggle and the toggle shaft does not rotate. I import these switches then modify them so that the latch is disabled then my landing light caps are drilled and tapped to suit the existing thread. Each switch cap is machined individually to suit the switch it is supplied with so that when the switch has been fitted to the overhead panel, the custom machined toggle cap will screw on and will tighten up with correct orientation. The caps are machined from aluminium bar stock with the installation of three 5mm ball bearings to complete the look.
We want the Aerosim Solutions landing light switch and cap assembly to be the best choice for your simulator!

4 landing light switches Switch caps 2 Switch caps 3

Price – AUD$75.00 each + shipping