Our Services

Unlike other vendors, Aerosim Solutions specializes in custom order components and our services will not be limited to a specific product list. We can be contacted with a view to producing any type of cockpit component for any type of aircraft from a hot air balloon to a space shuttle! Our aim is to further promote the hobby and assist any other enthusiast who shares the passion for flight simulation. Previous works include flight control systems and components for Supermarine Spitfire, Boeing 737/777 and Airbus A320/A340.

The Aerosim Solutions workshop carries a full complement of machine tools. The CNC router/milling machine has expanded capabilities to include custom engraving and backlight panels, gear cutting and mass part production. A wide range of aircraft knobs can be made via the silicon molding process. If you thought that your specific cockpit component requirements were unobtainable, contact us to see if we can be of assistance in making your parts become a reality.

Aerosim Solutions – helping you build a truly immersive flight simulation experience!